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Dyslexia PLUS is a not-for-profit association of parents, teachers, assessors and others who are interested in, and involved with, advancing the educational and general well-being of children and adults with specific learning disabilities.


The organisation relies on membership and fundraising to maintain its services to the community.

Dyslexia PLUS is run by a group of volunteers (elected annually) who, along with our office liaison person (who works for us part time), seek to provide services for children and adults in our community with dyslexia / specific learning disabilities.


Dyslexia PLUS is a Member Organisation of the Learning Disabilities Association of NZ (LDANZ). It is registered with the Charities Commission and is an Incorporated Society.

Dyslexia PLUS offers 

* Professional assessment of dyslexia / specific learning disabilities 

* Individual, tailor-made lessons for members 

* Parent Support events 

* Specialised Library Resources; members can buy keys to access this 

* A newsletter each term


Our assessors and teachers are appropriately qualified and have received specialist, additional training.

They are current professional members of LDANZ and members of Dyslexia PLUS.

Our teachers contract with member families to provide specialist 1:1 lessons.

We are here in the heart of Whangarei

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